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20 years anniversary of “flickr.com”

Flickr.com went online on February 10, 2004 and is celebrating its 20th birthday tomorrow. 🎂🎉🎆🎀🎁🎗️


Yes, platforms are a dime a dozen and for and about almost everything, but there is only one flickr.com and I really appreciate this great photo community & App.

This is for various reasons, such as the fact that flickr.com makes a lot of effort to ensure simple, unambiguous copyright declaration and assignment, that users can freely create CC Commons and that there are also corresponding partner programs with Wickimedia so that these works can be implementet & accessed on the great Wikipedia and by their users or others can shar, use or more that comons.

It is also very generous that anyone can create a free account there and with it post up to 1000 photos or videos in their digital photo album for free. The users can easily and unambiguously determine which content is public and accessible to everyone or only to friends or is considered purely private and is not visible to anyone else then self, and all that under which licenses the content should be published.

The album function practically structures your own content and the gallery can be used to structure liked external content. Since some times now, videos up to a maximum of 3 minutes long have been able to be integrated in 1080p, which I personally really appreciate. Since Vimeo only offers such restrictive options in the free accounts, this is a good alternative to short videos safely and securely without loss of copyright or image rights to suffer when adjusting!

The quality of the users, especially in the photography sector, is unbeatable.

There are absolute top shots to admire every day and much of it can be downloaded and used freely depending on the licenses set.

Top professionals give generous insights into hear works so that you can always learn something or simply get inspiration for your own work.

In addition, the tone and interaction in the community is always nice and pleasant.

Many small, stimulating options such as creating groups, starting competitions and awarding medals and prizes or posting comments and sharing works round off the offer perfectly.

& There are also not too many featchers, butons and whistles integrated into the functionality of the platform so that everything always remains clear and can be used easily by everyone from 12-year-old students to 80-year-old grandmothers.


Let's celebrate this great platform together and shine in the bright light on hear 20th birthday


also make a great birthday video like I did https://www.flickr.com/photos/bennoh/53517838134/in/dateposted-public/ or a picture with the Flickr colors and put it in the competition group for the birthday.

Simply a great thing about this flickr.com he lives 3 times high up and another 1000 + 1 years at the minimum!

Cheers bennoH.🐼
February 09. 2024










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