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Light Flow - VJ Loop Pack

A VJ loop pack featuring 24 looping animations of lights flowing and moving through silver structures


Single Colour and Rainbow versions of each of the 12 animations are included
Also included are versions with hue variations, and versions that shift through all hues in a loop
Versions are also included with the light trails only on a blank background (includes alpha channel on DXV3 verisons)

File Formats:
H.264 in 4k resolution
DXV3 in 4k resolution

You can also check out my work on instagram, or feel free to send a message if you have any thoughts or want to comission something custom: https://www.instagram.com/corteks3d/

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bennoh profile image

Videoloops are out of date!πŸ‘Ž
Your are oldscool!! πŸ§πŸ§™

Come back if you supris us real by SPIR-V Shader based plugins or codes.
You speak about DXV3 so you speak about Resolum Arena/Avenue.
Comon my dear Guy creat some cool shaderbased plugins for it at Wire, perhaps as fragmentshaders (.fs) and com back thats the minimal for this time.πŸ’₯

THX and have a grater future😜