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TDinstanceUE - Streaming TouchDesigner instancing data into Unreal Engine

! Should also work with UE5 ! Ever wanted to have the instant beauty of Unreal Engine with the real-time power of TouchDesigner when creating particle systems and instanced geometry?
This toolchain will let you do just that!

Full step-by-step workshop as part of a Masterclass on Off World Live's Discord channel link for recording

Grab the project files and components on my Patreon
Or purchase on Gumroad

Included is a sample TD and UE4.27 project file to get you going, and a TD .tox component to reuse in other projects.
Prerequisite is installing Off World Live Unreal Engine Live-streaming Toolkit

Thanks to Off World Live for inviting me to hold the workshop, and for creating these cool tools and community!


  • !Spout only allows us 16 bit float textures to be streamed over! This is a small limitation I'm happy to take.
  • You can copy the "Asset/Instancing" folder to another UE project, you will only need to set up the Spout Receivers and Senders to point to the correct Render Targets
  • NumInstances need to be updated manually in NS_Instancing_System parameters to the same number as the pixels of your textures sent over Spout (you can check this in TD middle clicking one of the textures and checking "Pixel" count) --- This might be solved to be automatic in a next update
  • Mesh Geometry needs to be updated manually inside NS_Instancing_System - Mesh Renderer

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