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VJ being DJ being VJ

We all know about how art markets are making money for collectors, Hong Kong VJ had only 10 people in 2009, a few more joined from France, and UK, mostly to develop softwares and Shaders by the time we hit the student protest in 2019..., ended in 2022. I am still here but most of them quit and left to do things and professions like trading stocks, or gone to the UK to live. And the rest is laying around to work for other event company. New fresh young talent rise up and doing what the can. Meanwhile inside China...light shows in Shenzhen and almost every city inside China are doing spectacles on visual or lightings on mapping to everything you can think of. I am not informing you about scene, kinda just like to say HK is super difficult to make a VJ scene. Venue is a reason, and funding, support and talent is the least of my worries.

Another untold story from my graduating class at Art Schools. From my Undergraduate class, BA in Studio Arts, and in to my MFA Design and Technology graduate degree there are nobody left behind to do work as artists' career, both Schools in the US, and then Hong Kong. Class of 1996 and Class of 2004. But I do respect autodidact artist.

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