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Resolume API - 7.8 is Out!

Resolume 7.8 is out and now has REST-API, which is BIG news!! and so far its kind of snuck by.
The API means Resolume can now talk to a huge range of systems and applications and I'm sure in the next few month we will see some incredible integrations!

Right now it includes a couple of demo web interfaces, and these alone are incredibly useful!
The web interface is a great tool for allowing simple playback view a web device (like an iPad) this could be great for 'locking' users out of making changes. (like a nightclub/venue install)
Being able to control Resolume remotely opens it up more to being used as a media server, especially being able to have it located right next to LED processing, negating the need for FOH video runs.

The web interface offers a nice way to see whats actually going on and can be super useful when operating via a lighting console.
Hopefully in the future the API is extended to offer Advanced output control. being able to make those pixel adjustments remotely would be amazing, but also the ability to enable disable slices and parameters live on the fly would be a gamechanger!
Being able to Map shortcuts (Artnet) via the web interface would
be very useful too.

Resolume REST API

7.8.0 Fix List
-14883 Preserve Alpha with Chroma Key effect
-16460 Chroma Key Edge Blur eats my GPU
-16695 Dragging the default transform to other targets should make a removable copy
-16767 Remove Custom from transport mode defaults
-16696 Bloom and Iterate not working properly on M1
-16658 Midi device is ignored if device connected after Wire starts
-16677 Multichannel texture support for logic nodes

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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This release is outstanding !

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visualboy -Massimiliano Glitch

Love it!