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Tooll 3 - an open source software to create realtime motion graphics

This software in development looks very promising. Tooll 3.0

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A new tooll implementation with Dear ImGUI

Tooll 3 - A realtime animation toolkit

Discord MIT License



A stand alone version is in development. Although it's working already it needs further clean up and testing.

This means that you need an IDE like Visual Studio or Rider to build and run it. This is free and not as difficult as it might sound.


  1. We only test on Win10. But Win11 might work too.
  2. If you don't have a .net IDE installed already download and install the Community Edition of Visual Studio v16.11 (or later) In the installer make sure to select the features
    1. .net Desktop Application development
    2. .net 4.7.1 (on the right side)
  3. Download install .net 5.0 SDK
  4. You might also want to download and install a git client like https://git-fork.com/ . Alternatively you can install the bare bone git scm.
  5. On Windows 10 you also need to install Windows Graphics tools

Cloning the repository

If you

Preview of Tooll 3.0

The dev being interviewed on Twitch and going in depth with a lot of features (the interesting part begins at 10 minutes):


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