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UPDATE! Tooll 3.7.1

Free open source project:
Tooll3 is back with a bunch of new features, fixes and improvements!

  • Improved Exporting
  • Quick Navigation
  • Midi Indicator and "IO Events" Window
  • Custom Themes
  • New Operators
  • Custom output resolutions
  • Interaction overlay that visualizes pressed mouse or keyboard buttons which can be useful for recording tutorials

This is just a glimpse go check the release page :

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Can someone says/help me by tooll3:

    1. Is "Spout" integrated into Tool3 (3.6 or 3.71), I don't see a corresponding spout server in Resolume Arena that I could tap into? If spout connections (masteroutput from Tooll3 to the input ad a clip of Resolume Arena) are not possible, can I do this via NDI and how? In the befor installed NDI tools I don't see Tooll3 in the NDI manager either!
    1. I first installed V-3.6 and left it and then 3.71 (all without github) but now 3.71 only starts when I start it as admin. For what reason? 3.6 starts normally.

With kind regards bennoH.πŸΌπŸ™‹

to eritchable at:

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newemka Author

You need to start T3 by running ONLY StartT3.exe

About Spout you need to use the SpoutOutput node and pin it then you'll see it in Resolume. I suggest to join the discord to get more tips and answers to any of your questions

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Hello Newemka (or MK II??!) thank you very much for your feedback and help.

But I don't know if I'll really reach my goal with your answer regarding "Spout Out" in just 2-3 sentences, probably not, I'll try it.

A step by step guide with 2-3 screenshots would certainly have been more helpful.

Regarding just starting the exe, yes, what else do you think I do, but it still closes after the shellscript runig on the screen, and only if I start the exe as with admin rights do I also come up to the GUI in V3.71., but actually I'm repeating myself and maybe I would simply have to uninstall V3.6 and that is where the problem lies, otherwise I have no problem with modern programs if previous versions are left on the computer. Today, the source code is usually created in such a way that the user later has several instances of the same thing in practice Programs can be opened at the same time, which usually means that different instances of different versions can run at the same time on different runtimes under Win. But here the new version doesn't even open properly if the older one remained installed, or for some reason. I usually leave the old versions unless there are explicit instructions that they have to be removed first in order to rule out the possibility that the new version won't run on my OS or due to missing libs or something like that after a certain amount of time I was able to work smoothly with the new one and remove it if the project files from the old one can also be opened perfectly on the new one, the latter is of course another reason why I developed this routine!!

And yes, I have to repeat myself over and over again about DiscordπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž: Discord is described in Wikipedia under the criticisms as a tool to which you have to grant full rights to use and reuse everything I do there.

Some peaple also been told to me in discussions like this that I just have to manage the rights in the app like my whishes. Yes, fine, then I will suspend the rights to videos and can no longer use video streaming functions. Very sensible! Great idee!!
And so on, the cat bites its own tail.

But fundamentally, in my opinion, it is just a bad joke on the part of users of such a help and communication platform to demand that everything, for example a picture that I use at a meeting to visualize something and later discuss somewhere on the Internet in some context and about something Benefits can be reused or even a video chat with my face and voicespeak. So how stupid people must be to play along like that, completely blind?! or simply very unintelligent?!!!

But no problem, you also use Facebook by the millions, where every 10-year-old schoolboy knows the background story of the theft of intellectual property from the associated cinema blockbuster. And what peaple think if domeone starts like that, he is after a angle WTF!
Or LinkedIn, which β€œman in the middle” carries out attacks on your email address stored there up to this days (!Wikipedia!). Regarding Wikipedia, it should be mentioned in passing that the Wikimedia Foundation would have died long ago if such things were wrongly published there, all the lawsuits and fines would have taken care of them.

So dear friends, why do you no longer want to make direct, independent contacts via email or telephone? Use only such unclean means but hide your telephone numbers and emails as if they were gold barons and juweleris.

I think I'm too old to understand this world of yours and I think you're all running around, falling into your own misfortune, trying to escape evil, talking about freedom and thus heading straight into real ruin when it comes to this. You are the "Generation Hustel!"

For my part, I had to remove Slack from my mobile just a few days ago and WA will soon follow due to the spread of e-Sim and telephone number sellers. Slack was constantly listed in my Google account like a device it selfs with them access rights and I had all the rights assigned in the app itself befor. That's non-transparent rubbish, you have to do the doctor first so that you can get certainty about what is really connected to something in such apps on your devices, if at all possible?, you will never see the source codes anyway!!!!!

So have fun with "back to the stoneage" by Twiter, Instergram, Facebook and Co. Google is already enough for me and I only start to use it to make you out there have fun with my plugins, which I have to think about a lot.

And in general, I'm increasingly questioning whether I'm doing the VJ community a favor with freeStuff or the opposite, if music DJs get their hands on it, they'll use it and you'll no longer have jobs as real VideoArtist's at events, clubs and locations!!?
So mutch fun in future by diting at home to do some Videolooe and hope the rest of that enormus industrie d'ont overrol U by just leftside.

Greatings and just the best bennoH.🐼

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bennoH. • Edited on

Now, I received excellent support from β€œnewemka” and would like to thank him very much. He took a lot of time and the urgent ones open questions and problems of me were solved immediately +++ a lot of coll tips. Very efficient and free of charch as well as generous.


Thank you, thank, you thank you newemka
by bennoH.🐼 Switzerland 2023-10-26

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bennoH. • Edited on

Well done "Newemka"πŸ‘, thanks!
One cannot mention Tooll3 enough, because this completely free soft beats everything that has existed in the field of real-time video or VJing

only "SMODE Community" can keep up:

I can also recommend by the way these 2 things:
(bud similar possibilities already exist in Tooll3 and or SmodeCommunity)



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nice one @newemka