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Paweł Łuciuk
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Mesh2Pointcloud v0.1

Hello world.
I've recently released Mesh2Pointcloud - Blender template file that converts mesh to pointcloud textures for cables.gl

The Blender file comes with free cables template ready to remix.

Check out interactive cables.gl template
Download the Blender template on Gumroad (free)

This workflow saves 300k points as 4 textures. Total size 3,1 MB compared to 40 MB glb Sketchfab
Pointcloud textures

The technique is also capable of saving meshes and baking animations - liquid sims, volumes etc.

Next Steps:

  • Audioreactive cables template
  • Indexing and transforming separate objects
  • PBR support


  • Baking animation
  • Release of Blender addon
  • Exporting meshes
  • (?)Blender-cables link

cables.gl patches


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thank you @pawelluciuk .. great project