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Touch designer

I’ve been wanting to pick up touch designer for a while now, and I’m finally going to bring myself to do it. Is there any advice for using it for live performance? I’m a complete beginner

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vdmo • Edited on

Very well. What makes you consider software such as Touch Designer as your toolkit?
I consider that you have familiarised yourself with Touch Designer website at derivative.ca. It has links to all main activities catalogued and many workshops available online as well.
Go through that and it would be a great start.

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Luis castilleja Author

To be completely honest with you, I had a dream about it. I think what really draws me towards wanting to use it is the interactive and real time aspect of it. Now, I dont think it will replace Resolume in my toolbox but I think it would be healthy for me as a vj to expand what I use as far as live visual performance software.

Thanks for the pointers very helpful!

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well.. you got Luminosity built in touch designer that can replace resolume