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PolypopLive: A New Interactive Live Streaming Tool

Hi all!

For anyone interested in a creative new live-streaming app concept, we've released the beta version of PolypopLive. It's a tool for live-streaming built on-top of a 3D game engine/design environment enabling you to build unique interactive broadcasts that can react to your viewers. For instance, you can connect to external sites like Twitch for live alerts that can be used to drive visual elements on your broadcast.



  • Shader-based 3D graphics rendering
  • Particle effects
  • Physics engine
  • Image filters
  • Hundreds of graphics elements and prefabs

Interactive Design

  • Complete wiring system to build interactive sequences
  • In-app interactive tutorial system to teach you the app

Media Inputs

  • Webcams/capture devices
  • Microphones
  • NDI
  • Spout
  • App/screen captures
  • Video Files
  • Audio Files
  • 3D Objects

Key Inputs

  • Hotkeys
  • MIDI events
  • Game Controllers

Web Alerts

  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube (coming soon)

Media Outputs

  • Live-stream (RTMP services like YouTube live)
  • NDI
  • Spout
  • Video
  • Full-screen projections

You can download PolypopLive here: https://polypoplive.com

We are definitely open to any and all feedback and feature requests. If you do check it out, join us in our Discord server and let us know:


Thanks for reading!

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