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Sleepless Monk - Mega VJ Loops Sale

Thank you for all the amazing folks who bought my vj content and used in various events, festivals around the globe. here are 2 big sale offers to raise funds for a new laptop to continue making amazing visual using mixed media/traditional workflow+AI (need one with 16gb vram to advance my research in AI, shaders as well as multimodal systems in unity and unreal and td)
my entire vj collection (around 700-800 loops) over many years for 200$ only, putting very selective videos below (actual value 500+$, only 39 copies left) (folks who bought from me before and longtime friends get another 50% off, pm me)

Everything Bundle $200 (700-800 Loops )

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Notes: hope the cover is ok, quite apt for nerdgasm and sales. It is one of many new visions emerging and waiting to be put into motion. Will be back to tutorials and posts in a few weeks as soon as situation stabilizes. Lots of new understandings and updates for sure but enough enough room to test everything, just setting up new base and studio. Been off-grid almost and away from gigs and parties practicing instruments).


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@sleeplessmonk that is awesome!