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Giving a free countdown to 2022!

2022 is almost here! It was always difficult for me to find good countdowns for NYE. I hope this free countdown would make your life easier and your NYE show prettier.

It's a styled countdown with a mechanic / steampunk flavor (so best mix it with similarly styled visuals), counting down from 60sec, with transparent background in DXV/HAP.
Download is free to subscribers of our newsletter, along with a Resolume Arena project and other free steampunk clips. All download links and tutorial here: https://stvinmotion.com/countdown-to-2022

Let me know if this helps and would love to see some videos of it in action 😉

Amaze them! 🤘

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Thanks Steve! Great looking countdown

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STVinMotion Author

Thanks @vdmo Rock on! 🤘