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FEEDBACK SYSTEMS - generative visuals for Resolume 7

new pack of generative content for Resolume 7, made by stacking effects, so it runs and can be controlled in real-time

It features various systems, including some reaction-diffusion systems

In details :
-24 generative reactions enclosed in a two layer loops using the build-in Video Router source.

-23 overlays to add flavor to the base reactions, 19 of those are feedback-based patches, and 4 are moiré effects based on a video router. Those build on top of any of the 24 base reactions.

-dashboard controls on most of the clips to control the reactions within sweetspots where it is stable
-fullHD 1920x1080

It can be use live, you can get creative and merge it with other sets to have the reactions building on other content. Simply replace the Video Router source by a Feedback source to get any patch out of the routers loop.
It can be used to generate and record new content, or you can even dig in the pile of effects to learn how those reactions were made.

Grab it here on Gumroad

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great release @tarian !!