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420 Rave VJ Loop Pack

Free Resolume DXV3 Download Link

During the pre-pandemic times I VJed a 420 Rave at a DIY warehouse venue in Downtown Los Angeles. I dragged a projector up a flight of unpermitted stairs to animate a themed glyph that was commissioned from a big green scene tattoo artist. Towards the end of the night it became hard to breathe in the upstairs loft area, cough, cough. The organizer DMed me once events started back up but the VJ budget was still up in smoke.

Did you get a 420 booking but didn’t budget for content? Say less.

Hazy vibes spanning the trippiest of looks to the mellowest of moods, load up these free Resolume DXV3 assets and you’ll be making up your own words in no time!

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