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Resolume Wire Patch for Synesthesia Control

I love how easy Spout makes routing video between VJing applications. I don't love how complicated Windows 11 makes handling using a single MIDI device with multiple apps. In a somewhat complicated workaround, I resigned myself to using a single MIDI controller mapped to Resolume exclusively where I would have OSC options to control the other relevant apps. Thanks to Resolume Wire and the Synesthesia documentation, I finally got my feature working!

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This is my first Wire Patch released for general use so I'm a bit hesitant before opening everything up. Looking for any general feedback or confirmation of a use case, while a bit tedious, this same sort of mapping can be used for any Resolume adjacent app for consolidated controls (NestDrop, Fragment Flow, Cathodemer, etc.).

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@thetylermoore wow.. busy day in synesthesia camp today :) will try this for sure.