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Using Live VJ Tools in G-Funk Music Video

Ever since the start of my VJ career, I have often been asked "do you do music videos?" This video for the artist Funk Fiction track "G-Funk Sonic - Oil Ocean Zone" was recently released and features a workflow we invented along the way that utilized a number of real-time VJ tools in what is traditionally a non-linear edit style.

Most prominently, the final distressing of a "VHS emulation" style shader effect utilized in Synesthesia was utilized both for aesthetic cohesion and to mirror a final mastering process in the audio. The final audio mixes are fed into tape as a way to add warmth and pleasant analog artifacts. Inspiration from this audio process led to discussions with the artist to also do the same but with a final video distressing as a way to sell the experience as a dusted off discovery of a lost media cassette. The final creative call to change the edit towards the end of the creative process to a 4:3 aspect ratio was also a result of the same discussions.

Ghosteamlive is used at 0:31 for video repetition and CRT effects to act as a visual bridge between backyard iPhone footage with the rest of the music video.

In a very similar process and workflow, Volta is also used at 1:23 and 1:35 for a same-but-different CRT look.

Motion graphics and release art superimposition done in Davinci Resolve, along with the rest of the edit. I'll need to remind myself to leave 5 seconds of empty frames at the end of videos intended for YouTube distribution so the bumpers don't overlap with intended content.

Overall the project served as a fascinating intersection of two generations, as evident in the comment section: "old heads" who experienced the g-funk genre first hand in the cultural loops of the late 1990s and (with some overlap) gamers who experienced the same music through San Andres and the culture of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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