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Audio responsive UE5 project with OSC support

Wonderful Audio responsive UE5 project with OSC support from
Nils Bakker that utilizes Unreal Engine and TouchOSC and music you have playing in your source.

Notes from Nils Bakker:

A link to the full 3GB project download can be found in the download. This was needed to make this project completely free for you, since I wasn't allowed to make full project free for download due to file sizes.

I recommend to read the full documentation here . This will probably help you get the project up and running. Please remix the project to your own taste and creativity.

unreal engine touchosc av project

Every blueprint is filled with comments to make it (hopefully ^^) as clear as possible to understand what is going on. I just started using Unreal Engine so it is most likely not the best setup, but it works. And it's free! I am really excited to see what you can come up with. My contact details can be found in readme file, so if you have any further question, please ask :).

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