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Beatdrop Music Visualiser with Spout


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The Milkdrop2 Music Visualization Standalone, only for Windows

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BeatDrop Music Visualizer

One standalone visualization, one improvement In this repo will fix the bug, adding new features and more stuff to BeatDrop Music Visualizer.

  • This is a continued development because the original developer, Maxim Volskiy (@mvsoft74) has gone silent.

Things fixed:

  • The y/n decision bug
  • Keyboard function changes (F4: Show Preset Info, F5: Show FPS, F6: Show Rating, F1: Help)
  • Help text changes
  • Unlimited FPS, nTexSize to Auto, nCanvasStretch to 100 and more...
  • ...many and many bugs squashed.

Features added:

  • Always On Top Feature (F7 Hotkey)
  • Multiple monitor stretch (Thanks to @milkdropper for the code - ALT + S Hotkey)
  • Now it can support up to 16 custom shapes and waves!
  • Real-time toggling FPS by pressing F3!
  • New waveforms (from 8 to 15)
  • Transparency Mode
  • Spout Support (thanks @leadedge for helping me)
  • Hardcut Modes (F11 Hotkey)

Features to be added:

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