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Semi-Modular Video Synthesizer System

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Hypno Semi-Modular Video Synthesizer System

Semi-Modular Video Synthesizer System
Perform Diverse Live Visuals.

Semi-Modular Video

Loop and Process Your Videos.
Dial It In with CV & Midi Control.
For Standalone Use. (Eurorack mountable w/ Adapter Kit & PI3A+)


$620 Assembled (CM4-WS Pi) | $520 No-Pi Assembled
Lead Time: 1 work week.

Above price excludes sales tax, VAT, shipping, import duties, carrier brokerage fees, and other fees where applicable.

Hypno comes in 2 flavors - Assembled and assembled but without a Raspberry Pi. ( I/O VARIES w/ PI USED, PLEASE SEE THE 1ST PAGE OF THE PDF MANUAL LOCATED HERE BEFORE PURCHASING THE NO-PI )

Current assembled orders ship with a CM4-WS Pi & All-Pi Case.

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