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Knot - Preorder

intech.studio Jedi's direct from Budapest have recently cooked something tasty for us from they own studio. Meet - Knot!


Standalone USB MIDI Host

Knot is the bridge between old-school MIDI gear like synthesizers, groove boxes, guitar pedals and neat USB MIDI devices. Leave out the computer from the equation and control instruments seamlessly with Grid - or any other - USB controller.



  • Knot has earlybird ~15% discounted price, this is the second batch.

  • This pre-order deal can not be combined with other discounts.

  • Expected dispatch of the pre-ordered Knot from the second batch is by 31th of January 2023.

  • A single USB-C to USB-A cable is included.


Wide selection of powering options

Are you a guitarist with a large array of pedals and their chargers? Or you just stashed an other DC adapter, because “this might come handy later”?

Knot can be powered by a wide variety of DC chargers. The DC inlet is equipped with automatic polarity checking, you can use both positive or negative charger tip.

Knot can be powered by USB-C connection as well.


MIDI in and out with switch

Sending and receiving MIDI data is done by two 3.5mm TRS jack sockets. The sockets can be changed between A and B wiring to make Knot compatible with different manufacturer designs.

“A” standard is used by Korg, Make Noise, IK-Multimedia, Line 6 and others.

“B” standard is used by Arturia (BeatStep Pro), Novation (Launchpad Pro), 1010music, Polyend and others.


Open hardware

You can upload new firmware versions onto Knot with a dedicated mode button.

It's simple to update the device, just press the mode button while plugging it in with the USB-C port to a computer. Knot is an open hardware project, all source files can be found in the midi-host GitHub repository.

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