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Milkdrop 3.1


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MilkDrop 3.0, supports any audio source, double-preset (.milk2), loading presets based on beat detection and much more...


How to download and install : https://youtu.be/OQdZFlOHe5o
All the new features explained : https://youtu.be/QBsDXPENe1I

MilkDrop 3.0 is a portable program that supports any audio source (Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud...)
it's an evolution of my version of BeatDrop2077, based on BeatDrop.
It supports a new type of double-preset (.milk2 file) mixing 2 presets and displaying them both simultaneously.
Here are a few double-preset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97XrIatMBWc
You can create new presets by pressing just a few keys without knowing any lines of code
(F9 and then press the spacebar to create a new double-preset, that's it).
Create new colors by pressing just the key 'c' https://twitter.com/MilkDrop2077/status/1614526230929498113
Also I created a new mode for auto-changing the presets based on beat detection.
Here is a fast version of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSzdThg1iW8

-Lots of new key shortcuts, see the whole list above.
For some letters, the majuscule and minuscule matters.
As an example, I'm using the lower-case…

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