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Off World Live Toolkit for Unreal Engine 5.4

Offworld have released our Beta version for 5.4 of the Off World Live Toolkit for Unreal Engine

Download Center: https://offworld.live/resources/download-center

Current feature list includes:

  • Cinecam with capture to Render Target, Alpha, UMG and full Viewport rendering pipeline (all colours and pp effects).
  • 360 Degree Camera with Equirectangular, Cubemap, DomeMaster and VR 180 (Stereo) outputs.
  • Compositing Toolkit with Viewport rendering pipeline CG Element and Matte (all colours and pp effects).
  • Video Plane Placement for Composure which allows non-full screen media inputs which scale which virtual camera movement.
  • NDI Sender and Receiver with audio and alpha channel.
  • Spout Sender and Receiver with alpha channel.
  • Media Output with video and audio streaming to RTMP, SRT, RTSP, HTTP and recording to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV.
  • Virtual Webcam output to any video conferencing software.
  • Screen Capture input (Monitor and Window options).

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