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introducing ossia score 3

ossia team are happy to announce that after a few months of beta-testing, a stable version of ossia score 3 can be downloaded.


ossia score is an interactive and intermedia sequencer: it allows to score multimedia content and processes in an interactive timeline, such as sound, MIDI, OSC messages, gamepad controls, video, VST plug-ins, scripts, with a specifically tailored visual language.
It has two defining features: first, the signal processing being applied can evolve over time. The first half of a score can have a given set of effects applied on sound, video… , and the second part of the score, a completely different set of effects being applied. Second, the timeline can encode interactivity: it is possible to state that a part of the score will only execute when someone touches a control or does something on stage, while others are kept in check with the musical beat, and then resynchronize these multiple competing timelines afterwards.

new features and changes since v2 and v3 beta

The beta blog post covers most of the new features since 2.5.2, as well as the roadmap. In particular, the next few months will focus on fixing all the small quality-of-life issues and bugs that can be encountered right now – things such as missing copy-paste in some places, UI bugs, unclear menus, etc. A high priority is also put on complete support for Spout and Syphon for video artists and mappers.

JSFX support

One last major feature was added during the v3 beta cycle: support for JSFX plug-ins (used mainly by Reaper). This is thanks to the ysfx library developed by Jean Pierre Cimalando, which was fairly easy to integrate.

JSFX support

The user library does not ship any JSFX plug-ins yet, but libraries such as provided by Joep Vanlier, Geraint Luff or Justin Johnson have been tested to work by putting them in the user library folder (score will look for .jsfx files).


using a MIDI controller in ossia score

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