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Protokol MIDI / OSC / GAMEPAD monitor update out today at hexler labs! Some fixes and maintenance before they start rolling out some new features soon. Stay tuned + happy logging!


Prokotol is a new utility by Hexler for the creator's toolbox: A lightweight, responsive console app for monitoring and logging control protocols.


Originally built as a MIDI monitor and Open Sound Control network checker, Protokol is designed to handle any complex message stream.

Protokol's Protocols
MIDI, OSC and Gamepad inputs are all supported in the current version but anything is possible given sufficient demand. Contact us if you'd like to see additional protocols added: ArtNET / DMX? MQTT? Let us know.

Heavy Duty, Fast Response
All incoming data is rendered at 60 frames per second. With granular filtering of message and event types plus an optional timestamp, Protokol logs exactly what you need. This responsiveness and flexibility enables you to track down critical issues, conflicts, interrupts ... or just pretend you are Cypher observing the Matrix.

Cross Platform
Protokol installs on all platforms. Run a compact Raspberry Pi MIDI logger, or Linux based OSC monitor, or install on traditional Windows and macOS machines. Take Protokol with you in your pocket with mobile versions available for iOS and Android. Same interface, same speed, same accuracy. Download all versions here!

We built Protokol as an in-house tool to test our own apps during development, and quickly found use for it in our home studios (troubleshooting MIDI hardware). A few of our music producer mates saw it running and bugged us for a copy ... we cleaned up the UI and started giving it away.

If you have any feature requests we'd love to hear them, and if you see a glitch or bug we are equally interested to know.

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