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Q&A: Optimizing Touring Laptop

Tyler White writes:

POV: You just got a new touring laptop.
What's the first thing you are doing to optimize it for shows?


Follow Up Select Suggestions from VJ Union Community

Thomas Michael Stephens
Never power off screen while plugged in. Turn off notifications. Check for updates. Download and install apps. Test, document, backup.

Gabriel Hall
Promise myself I’m going to organize my clip library better 😅

Adam Norton
Set plain/black desktop background. Turn off peek.

Patrick Badmon Connelly
Change the color setting to the full range so that black is black

Ian Nault
Install sysinternals, replace task manager with process explorer, usual Blackviper registry tweaks, that's like the bare minimum

Meirion Guyon
This is a good guide, written for Touch designer but most of it should be relevant https://derivative.ca/community-post/show-machine-setup-permanent-and-temporary-art-installations-windows-10/63572

Mindy Sherman
Turn off automatic updates

Kelly Fin
Install MediaInfo, Icaros for DXV3 thumbnails, Free File Sync, Spacesniffer
Add settings and task manager to the Taskbar.

Lê Thanh Tùng
mute the SYSTEM SOUND and turn off all the nofications

Alexandru Nae
Black wallpaper, mute windows sounds, disable firewall and windows defender, hide taskbar in extended, never go to sleep or shut down the display, disable xbox game mode/nivida overlay etc., get a ninite with all the essential software, install avast driver updater, disable peek, remove all blootware and stuff i don't need. There's probably more but I'd say this is kind of the essential stuff for me.

Keith Anderson

Grigori Vdmo Kstati
this needs a post on https://vjun.io so its found better 😉
(you are reading this)

Danni Jayde
Installing Ghost Spectre

Joe Benedetto
Windows eero, process reservation from the dataton guide, remove 3d audio
Oh and block telemetry!!!

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