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Recording from tooll3

Few people recently enquired on possibility to record from Tooll 3 to video. Here is a walk through to achieve this on a single screen.

Ready? .. Let's go

So for this you need say few extra tools..

I presume that you may have already spout installed


Two.. you can employ this tool - https://github.com/leadedge/Win32CaptureSample/releases
(what it does it lets you capture your open screens and we have discussed this at vjun.io prior - https://vjun.io/vdmo/spout-win32capture-3mo9)

Then we also need OBS and spout to OBS plug-in ..

Then you need OBS too.. for recording.. you can get it here.

in Tooll 3.. under Window setting you need to tick > Second Render Window..

tool3 second render window

When you open win capture tool picked up like so.

win capture tool

// to note I'm using single screen to do this here..

Then we open OBS and and bring out spout source..

tool to obs - record

that's it.. you are ready to record.!

much love from vj union ❤️ https://vjun.io/

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vdmo Author

You can also do this directly with OBS on it's own I think. Over did this . Yet principle can apply for other things you may want to do :)

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vdmo Author
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Izero Iamnothing

awesome !!!