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Signal Culture Modular Apps are here

The new Signal Culture Modular Apps are here!!!!


The Signal Culture Modular Apps gives you access to custom professional video and new media software applications for producing real-time experimental media artworks. Great for artists, VJ's, designers and hobbyists!

All of the new SC Modular Apps are scalable to any resolution your rig can handle.

Modular design and syphon/spout integration allows for seamless video processing across multiple software applications simultaneously.
These apps have external device support including easy midi controller assignment, external video cards, and live feed processing from webcams and external streaming devices!

Signal Culture Modular Apps Bundle

Get the new Signal Culture Modular Apps bundle for MacOS and Windows for $15 less than the cost of individual donations!

Tutorials on Vimeo

Apps included in the bundle are:

SC Input Amplifier (Free): The Input Amplifier is a free, scalable application designed to use the syphon/spout protocols to route multiple live or prerecorded video streams to any syphon/spout inegrated application. Designed as the brain for the Signal Culture Modular Apps suite.

Frame Buffer: Stores and repeats frames on up to 3 keyed layers of video, allowing for feedback and keyclip compositing. You can set the repeated frames from 1 frame to as many as the memory of your computer will allow.

Maelstrom: Features 2 levels of multi-directional feedback using stacked keying and frame difference processing. Send your video into multiple directions using downstream image compositing through our updated X, Y, Z and rotation controls.

SSSScan: Uses generative or live video gradients to determine the shape and movement of a buffered slitscan. New features include variable speed and resolution controls and realtime gradient selection that allows users to alter the shape of the slitscan and to scrub backward or forward through the buffer.

Re:Trace: Redraws live or recorded video onto an image plane made up of geometries such as points, lines, polygons, etc. The image plane can then be rotated, zoomed in or out, displaced on X, Y, and Z axes, and can be folded into new shapes and volumes.

V-Mass: The V-Mass Modular App allows you to map video onto either a selection of geometric primitives or onto imported 3D models. New features include support for short animations such as walk cycles and generative fractal bump mapping.

SC Video Mixer: The Signal Culture Video Mixer Modular App uses the Syphon and Spout protocols to mix between up to 4 Signal Culture apps or between any software packages that use Syphon or Spout. Mixes include cross fades, luma key or chroma key wipes, and generative wipes using one of your videos as a mask.

Interstream: The Interstream Modular App allows users to datamosh movies or live cameras fluidly in realtime - no more slow editing of I-Frames! Innovative new features include multi-directional, timed blooming and perpetual moshing without the need to reset your blooms.

SC Syphon/Spout Recorder: A free recording app for any Syphon/Spout device

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Charles Thomas Ford

I have been waiting so long for these apps and they are amazing I also appreciate having the old apps still and like to bounce in between The older apps do things that the new apps can’t and that goes with Waze