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Smode 10 Unveiled: A New Era of Live Compositing and Media Server Mastery

Smode Compose 10 is Out Officially!

Smode Compose 10: A Brief Overview

Smode Compose is an all-in-one broadcasting software that empowers content creators, video operators, and artists.

touch designer in smode

TouchDesigner Integration

Smode 10 now seamlessly integrates with TouchDesigner! Here’s what you need to know:

Tox Files: Import Tox files created in TouchDesigner directly into Smode. These files expose properties that you can modify or use as generative layers within any Smode project or composition.

smode comanion

Companion Plugin

Introduction of the Companion Plugin for Smode:

StreamDeck Control: With the Companion plugin, you can control any show—even in a multiple Smode servers configuration—using a simple StreamDeck. Effortlessly manage your visuals and effects on the fly!

smode widget

Widget Editor

Craft your own custom command interface in Smode using the Widget Editor:

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Create an intuitive interface by dragging and dropping elements. This opens up exciting possibilities for encoding and show operation. Customize your workflow like never before!

tempo tool

Tempo Tool

Version 10 brings the Tempo Tool with tap tempo functionality:

Real-Time BPM Definition: Assign any animation to a tempo tool and modify the BPM in real time. Sync your visuals perfectly with the beat!

Performance Optimization

In addition to these major features, we’ve dedicated significant effort to optimizing performance and ensuring frame accuracy, especially for complex scenarios.

Remember, Smode 10 empowers your creativity and takes your live compositing to new heights! 🚀🎨


Remember, the canvas is yours—never stop composing! 🎵🎥

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