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sodamixer + beatape

Always nice to see people develop & experiment with audio visual software tools. sodamixer and beatape are in open sources category and been only tested OSX only. I have not tested these. Personal reviews are welcome!

Beatape & sodamixer - new opensource vj software

Beatape: https://github.com/sloev/beatape

Listens to audio input Computes bpm and onsets continously (think waveclock, but better) Drives a clock Drives a stepsequencer Sends out osc values

Sodamixer: https://github.com/sloev/sodamixer

3 channel video mixer Video speed is adjusted to received values from beatape If given a video, will guarantee that all second positions in video (00:01 00:02 00:03 etc) will fall on a beat in the listened music.

Video demo by sloev:

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