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Taichi-Unity Example

Taichi langauge is starting to float up, and here comes a project connecting Taichi Language and Unity together.


This repository demonstrates Taichi-Unity interopability with sample scenes.

🔥 The Unity examples are still in active development. Things can break sometimes but will be fixed real soon.


If you have installed any recent version of Unity (2022.3.14 or above), this project is runnable out-of-the-box. You don't need to build taichi libraries because all the necessary native plugins are already included in Assets/Plugins, but in case you want to, consult taichi-dev/taichi and taichi-dev/taichi-unity2 for building manuals.

If you want to create another Unity Project with Taichi integration, you need to set your first-choice graphics API to Vulkan in Player Settings in Unity because currently Taichi C-API doesn't support other graphics APIs at the moment.


You can head for File - Build Settings to configurate and package the game application. Currently the examples can only be build for Android and Windows PC using the Vulkan API. Please refer…

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