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TheVisualCast Podcast- EP 1 with Julius Horsthuis

Alon Hummer from remvisuals.com just launched his brand new podcast -
TheVisualCast Podcast which a uniquely visual, recorded live, hybrid podcast offering for our community!

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The podcast promises to speak with some of the worlds best, most unique and most interesting Visual Artists for a live long form video discussions!

As special feature you will get to enjoy special AV "SET" from every guest. The flow of each set is up to indidual artists and can range from a live generative visuals set to a deep dive into the artists workflow!!

To help launch TheVisualPodcast to the world, we invite you all to share and follow Facebook and Instagram pages and subscribe to TheVisualPodcast Youtube Channel by following the links below.

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The format of the show is stream the episodes live as they will be recorded and create a interactive community focused experience.

So sit back and enjoy the first episode featuring the one and only Julius Horsthuis for : The Visual Cast | EP1 - Julius Horsthuis , Amsterdamian Fractals

Here at VJ Union we are very excited to have The Visual Cast Podcast addition and adding this podcast series to vjun.io podcasts roster in our podcasts section.

Thank you and Enjoy.

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Discussion (4)

bennoh profile image

💗I was like special on yo WebSite:

"The moment in sleep where dreams are most prevalent and lucid dreaming can easily be activated, REM is where we enter into an altered state of reality."

But the podcast & poast, like the work of Julius is incredibly good in general and very exemplary. 👏👏👏

🙏Thank you very much and keep it up with just that best wishes & greetings
by bennoH.🐼

thevisualcast profile image

Was an honor to have julius on the pod!
Super excited for the next week's and next guests! Can't Wait to reveal them!

Thanks for watching and please let us know what y'all are enjoying and any feedback is welcome!

janitorjackson profile image
Janitor Jackson

fav. ideas:
"Fractals = visual music." "I love the fact that it has no meaning, meaning is boring!" "Don't say a person is spiritual, because everyone is spiritual"

I learned quite a bit from that mandelbulb walk-thru. I've been waiting for an example of taking MB3D out of it's comfort zone and using it in ways it wasn't intended.

Good job on the new long-format podcast. Left me wanting a higher resolution tho. Keep 'em coming.

vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

Great work @thevisualcast <3 !!