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VFX Live is out for macOS

Finally! VFX Live is out in the open. Huge thanks to all the beta testers in this community! 🙏✨
Download now at https://vfx.live or check out the tutorial video

Some of the features:

Multi presets per track
Easy midi mapping
ISF Shader browsing, preview and usage within the app
Intuitive and simple to use
Syphon input and output
Audio Envelope followers
External audio, and local audio support
Multi screen output
Low CPU usage and great performance
Shader, pexels video and GIF support (more sources to come)

Layers and effect buses

Curated blend modes per track and effect

AuV3-support, use it in your DAW (currently still in BETA, but feel free to try it out)

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Isak ✏ ⇝

Thanks for sharing! 🚀