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WTF is Video_Waaaves 2022 edition

Andrei writes .. so its recently come to my attention that theres is folks who know who i am, know what a waaave pool and VSERPI is, but have no idea what Video_Waaaves is so I made yet another video to explain that Video Waaaves! Long time subscribers are probably like "ok, didn't u make like 20 of those videos already lol?" TL;DW video_waaaves is free open source software that replicates much of the functionality of working with analog video mixers & analog video feedback, and adds about a thousand extra digital bonuses on top of that. Waaave Pool is a stunted little itty bitty version of Video_Waaaves, you can think of Video_Waaaves as being like 4 waaave pools plus a video mixer, plus a whole bunch of extra effects, plus you probably don't have to buy any overpriced raspberry pis at all to get it running b/c it runs on desktop/laptop computers

The full guide to setting up video waaaves is here
if you would like to help contribute to development and maybe even get us to a point where we can have one click installers to install video waaaves please consider signing up for my patreon, more patreon $$ means more time i have for development!


I can't really offer any of yalls much else in the way of assistance in installing the current versions of video waaaves, i'm only one person, and yalls is currently hundreds of folks so please instead check out some of the message boards & groups linked in the install guide if you have any questions that arent' covered on that page.

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