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visualboy -Massimiliano Glitch
visualboy -Massimiliano Glitch

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OpenBrush VJ mode v0.2.5 Experimental

OpenBrush VJ mode is an experimental fork of the open source project Open Brush (former Tilt Brush) made for vjs.

OpenBrush VJ Mode Demo

OpenBrush VJ mode v0.2.5 features:

  • NDI video output
  • New “Orbital Stage” environment with LED walls with video from Spout source (autoselect)
  • Spectator Camera is now linked to Canvas
  • “Procedural Motion” easter egg to play with bolas in VR (and paint with it, too)

DOWNLOAD -> https://glitchlab.xyz/shop/interactive/openbrush-vj-mode/ (Windows x64 + Oculus)

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