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The Video Switcher OLW - Resolume Arena Addon

The Video Switcher OLW addon allows to preview and trigger up to 8 live sources in A/B style like in video production switcher.

OLW (one layer workflow) means you can use one layer for your sources and preview them using regular Arena`s preview monitor.

Assign shortcuts for any preferable controller, inside the addon, for previewing your sources and trigger them (take).

The Video Switcher OLW uses OSC and requires to use OSC loopback server in order to operate.

You can use free software like Chataigne (http://benjamin.kuperberg.fr/chataigne/en#home) running on background (module file included).

Use multiple instances of effect to extend number of controllable sources.

Compatible with Resolume Arena 7.10.0 and above.


Free version here:

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