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Is This the Ultimate MIDI Controller for VJ | Unboxing & Review #AKAI MPD218 | VJ Tips

Join me in this concise exploration of #AKAI MPD218, a versatile MIDI controller from the perspective of a VJ. Together, we'll examine whether this compact device can serve as an excellent tool for VJs using various VJ software. Throughout this video, I'll delve into why I believe this controller is a standout choice for VJs, starting with its affordable price point, which is rare for controllers of this caliber priced under $100.
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We'll kick things off by unboxing the package together, providing real-time commentary on the device's aesthetics and ergonomics. I'll then put the MIDI controller to the test using Resolume Arena, sharing my initial impressions and discussing creative ways VJs can maximize its potential. Whether you're a seasoned VJ looking for a new tool or simply curious about MIDI controllers in live visual performances, this video offers valuable insights and practical demonstrations.
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im starting to follow #unboxing videos from you ;)
we just need to include more bubble wrap for extra entertainment :)

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Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed Author

Haha! More midip0rn are on the way!