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LIVE #Resolume Chit-chat and Q&A Session - 2 | #VJ #TUTORIAL #TIPS

Welcome to another exciting live session on my VJ channel! In our last session, we dived into the world of visual creativity, where we renamed layers, consolidated all generators within sources, added a mask layer, customized clips, and even gave our thumbnails a fresh update. We also explored a bit of dashboard control – a crucial aspect of creating captivating visuals.

In case you missed our previous session, we delved into advanced techniques such as Dashboard Control, MIDI Mapping on Dashboards, MIDI Mapping Clips, Keyboard Mapping, and shared some triggering tips to elevate your VJ game. Today, we'll continue our journey into the intricacies of these techniques, helping you master the art of live visuals. Don't just watch, join in, learn, and unleash your creativity as we take these skills to the stage and perform live!

Before we dive in, I want to share some exciting news. We have a Resolume MasterClass coming up – a deep dive into Resolume's features, tips, and tricks. Plus, for those looking to expand their knowledge further, check out our online course for a comprehensive learning experience. Get ready for an immersive session filled with insights, techniques, and a whole lot of visual magic. Let's make this a night to remember in the world of VJing!

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Previous release of this series- https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gtzqq_ULF5fMMD2j8vuJ67MXdE64TLg

Script, Idea- Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed

AV Production- Ahmed Sifat, Ariful Islam Bappi

More Resolume tips and tricks - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gtzqq_ULF7Bz3NtJ9y7xJEh3kUfAb1H

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im loving watching your face brother :)

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Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed Author

haha thanks 'ma man, pls try to join the next live session next month!

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sure thing.. poke me closer to it ;)