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PowerPoint to #RESOLUME ! | 3 Ways! | VJ Tips!

We will quickly pick up 3 ways we can get a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into our @ResolumeVJSoftware and then do our rest of the magic with effects, slices and so on! How exciting is that? :D

We will start with using a simple USB capture device and using two computers, MAC or PC, dowsn't matter. Infact all of the 3 tricks, its same for MAC or PC, windows and OSX. In the later part of the video we will learn the magic of NDI, which allows us to do video transfer over simple network, super easy to setup and cheap to expand. In this video I subtly mentioned a thing but its important to mention once more- please dont cheap out on cheaper things such as cables and converters. Because regardless how expensive your GPU is, you won't "SEE" its actual capability if you're using a cheaper cable with lower data transfer capability. Other than this, no grandpa' talk!

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AV Production- Ahmed Sifat, Ariful Islam Bappi

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