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50 Shade's of ISF for resolume

Update from January 26, 2024:

I received the request around 1200 times, of which I sent the DL link around 860 times and had around 1750 hits on the blog and about the same number on the Resolume forum. This project is now complete, but the zip file has been removed from the cloud and the free download ends.

The reasons are different, e.g. the requesters were not very cooperative with the verification, which was really tedious. In general, my response effort, which was always done personally without a bot or anything, was far too great in relation to the few responses like in the blog post, where everyone could have left short feedback as a guest without email or registration, but very few did so. I didn't receive a single Christmas greeting or anything like that in connection with the DLs. My questions in the replay with the DL-Link were almost never answered, so I could have made a technical evaluation or, if necessary, made corrections etc.

That was a poor performance from you!!!

I also don't want to support pure music DJs in competing with us video artists for jobs in clubs or at events and just say: "Hei DJ stick to your lasts, to music and do this perfect or start to produce your own tracks so you see how hard it is to made a few second of own content!"!!!!

I will probably publish another 180 plugins over the next few months, only this time at a cost of around US$ 50 to at least cover my infrastructure costs such as program & updates (Arena+Wire), hardware, web subscription (ISPF). Given this low price, it was probably formulated incorrectly.

It doesn't really matter to me who gets the DL and that verification etc. is no longer necessary.

So until then and have fun and success in 2024 with greetings bennoH.


a freeStuff WorkOut in digital-Art by bennoH.

Hellow VJ-Union friends all over the earth:
If you use Resolume Arena as a VJ-Aplication and have at least the version from November 2022, I have a set of plugins that might interest you, free of charge of course:


78 Free brand new plugins for Resolume Arena by bennoH. with ultimate featchers like:

  • Realtime controllable 3D objects
  • Realtime controllable 2D fractals
  • Photorealistic atmospheric plugins: Cloudy/stormy sky, the sea & liquids, space
  • everything with many options that can be controlled in real time, whether by hand, Midi or Audioreactiv.
  • many presets for most plugins
  • a composition for Arena including some content (V-Loops in 1080p) so that you have a quick overview of the possibilities of the plugins.


My blog post on the project where everything is explained (see PDF in the blog for moor details)

  • Everithing are free under a CC License

Meaby you like to shar this info with your Visual-Artists (VJ) and however, you are welcome to post, share or otherwise publish the link to my related blog post on my homepage at Wix.com.

My project reads to a side glance into the wordwied actual creative club and event scene as far as video projections and visuals are concerned.

Only last November (2022) I purchased the additional tool for Resolume-Arena (a software video surfer for theatres, congress & event locations with real-time alienation tools). In it (Resolume-Wire a supplementary tool for the independent programming of so-called plugins [sources/generator, effects and moving image mixers] for Resolume-Arena) I discovered the ISF-Node and in this regard I also opened up at Shadertoy. That blow and fastcinait me /away, and I was now finally able to use a trick to control and influence 3D objects etc. in Arena, in real time. Wath the distributor & maintainer of this software tools never was able to realies up to this time.

(You can find the relevant project PDF in the blog post)

So I used some tricks to create real-time controllable 3-D objects using fragment shaders via the ISF node and other nodes from Wire. So that a visual artist in the club (theater, concert stage, event) can influence various setting options for the object by hand, midi or by music control, such as zooming in, splintering and/or fragmenting, color changes, flashing and lighting (just edges or all), position changes in 2D space (X & Y), etc etc. .
This was already possible in the program visualjockey.com, for which the development was unfortunately stopped in 2008 (without any tricky tricks). Resolume B.V. has not made it to 2023 with its software Resolume-Arena for visual artists 3D resp. to support vertex & geometry shaders and therefore you can not import 3D models there and process them live, as was/is the case with VisuaJockey.com.
My 3D objects are fixed, so you can't load just any x, and as mentioned, I used a trick. They are not based on vertexes but on fragment shader codes in GLSL (C related) in which 3D fractal formulas have been integrated, resulting in a kind of 3D object.

Other featchers of my new plugins are:

  • Realtime controllable 2D fractals
  • Atmospheric plugins such as clouds, storms, the sea, water surfaces, liquids, or space
  • Video synthesizers, complex and simple - Sources as effects which enables controllable effect stacking
  • Content embedded in sources (images and video loops) with the possibility of switching them in the live workflow.
  • Everything with many options and most of them FFG capable (Audioreactiv).
  • many plugin presets - everything including the presets for the plugins under a "CC BY-NC-SA 4.0" license that can be used freely by any artist and interested person. - and much much more https://mywix3.wixsite.com/bennoh/post/50-shade-s-of-isf-for-resolume

A few words about the creator of this digital art project:
(a short, simplified CV is also available on my homepage under "About" in PDF format) https://mywix3.wixsite.com/bennoh

I bennoH. I have been involved in the field of video, 3D animation productions or as a freelance artist in the field of light art using video projectors, show lasers, event lighting technology and kinetics (since 2011) since 1989. From network art to digital art to light art installations.
Standard tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc. from the graphics industry are often involved, although I currently work with open source software such as GIMP, Krita or Inkskape whenever possible.

Art is a tough business, so I no longer set myself any real financial goals in advance and launch my works under free CC BY-NC-SA licenses or as public domain remix works and often as performance art as far as installations are concerned.

Up until about 10 years ago, I also produced films and videos as a freelance video producer, mainly for SBB-AG in the area of plant documentation (security infrastructure etc.) such as the internal training area, or also for Sunnrise, Swisscom or IBM.
As a video artist and video editor, I was significantly involved in the "Swish" project and the Arteplage Biel/Bienne at Expo02 for SwissRe & IBM. Then came visual work in big clubs Zurich Basel Lausanne, such as the Q-Club in Zurich, which replaced the OXA, Sensor and the Tarot Club as the top in-location in Switzerland when I took my first steps as a video artist in dance clubs in 2001 .

I acquired most of my know-how on-the-job. For example as a news editor at Tele Basel / Tele Züri / Tele Tell, at Tele Basel I rarely worked as a broadcast director or video editor, at Tele Züri - back then in the start-up phase, also as a sequence director. At Tele M1 I was a tech. Producer responsible for the complete daily news broadcasts such as several magazine containers. At PrimeTime and EgliFilm&Video I processed 35mm film into video as a colorist and occasionally got involved as a video editor. There I was also able to work as an employee on works by PipilottiRist Samir or similar and get to know such people, because almost all contributions for the "Solothurner Filmtage" were processed there (film editing / light determination color grading).

I started with IT at the age of 16 with a Texas Instruments kit, on which I programmed Pac-Man etc. as a copy in Ti-Basic, then swapped to various Ataris and then worked with Apple hardware and software for many years. Disappointed by the arrogance and money-giving at Apple, after Apple's G5, I turned to PC hardware and software and worked a lot with Linux operating systems (linuxMint Debian Ubuntu) to date. My demands in the video environment forced me to use "WinDof" quickly, which I have come to grips with (become friends with) and achieve my goals.

Since I also worked in the events sector from time to time between the ages of 18 and 26, there as a laser lighting technician in clubs or as a soundman for bands, as well as running a home recording studio next door with the Atari, which I used to produce radio spots and jingles, I know myself in the Media area with all the usual interfaces, which is not unfavorable for current technologies, i.e. kinetics/AI & AR.

All in all, I was able to experience a little journey through time in terms of electronics but specially sound and moving images, from BW-TV to FBAS & VHS to the first digital video, i.e. QuickTime on home computers, to today's glorious K4 and the many video codex options.

The current GPUs (graphics processing units/graphics card) are a real dream. So my current digital art project starts there in a certain way. Because the fragment shader central in the project implementation is based on GLSL and this in turn is part of OpenGL, which was co-developed by graphics card manufacturers (Nvidia / Redon) and is specifically for GPUs, and is currently being phased out or slowly being replaced by Vulkan, which is a new, even faster shading method i.e. Turing technology or precisely, first of all it brings the mesh shader with it.
In combination with the latest GPU architectures such as Nividia's Ada Lovletch, the door to a whole new continuum of computer graphics is once again opened wide.

I wish you a great future with great events by fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Cheers bennoH.










for the survivors

& ouwer all beloved Planet !

ASCII-Art of bennoH. 2023

Benedikt Hinteregger alias bennoH.
Video-Artist & Producer
Mediadesigner for NewMedia and AI&AR
Switzerland / Europe / Earth
in the same Milky Way as you

Gemeind Glarus-Süd
[email protected]





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