Discussion on: lighticvisuals - Explorative 3D Audio Visualisation

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💥 Warning! 🔥
GPU overload possible. 👾💥

So with all the goodwill from the developers, even as free software, I have to advise against installing it!

My desktop 3080 RTX 🥵 almost broke apart, resp. the device has never made such a howling fan at all. 💥
Resolume (latest V) didn't recognize the spout of it either and the possibilities are rather limited anyway.

Yes, as an input via spout, to be a clip in Reso Arena, that would have been worth a test and my idee, but if it hits my GPU,
no thanks!! 🤮

If you have had a different experience please let me know.
Otherwise, I strongly advise against this software if you love your GPU.

🙉& If you still try it yourself, be very careful and especially with laptops, the motherboard or the CPU can be damaged by heat even before the GPU gets out!!!!!

by bennoH. 24.08.2023