Discussion on: Eminem's Explosive New Music Video "Houdini" and the Magic of EmberGen

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bennoH. loves VEVO and was impresed by Eminem at the thime of that movie of his comingUp. But Eminem music gos in no point forwart stay at seam and so is to unimpresiv for me.

The Videotricks are not mutch in this Vid and that guys have so mutch mony, so i mast say them do a nothing in this view.
Ok the comicidee is great but bad realist.

Sry but i dislik it, is that too alout here!?

Some impresive tunes:
Rap & HipHop
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tcXraTCoUZE&pp=ygUSY29pIGxlcmF5IHBsYXllcnMg (best storyteling Version, cool capturing idees, funstuff & all for a cheap money produced)

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z1dAC2Rjzzk&pp=ygUSY29pIGxlcmF5IHBsYXllcnMg ( best dancactVid Version)



Some freshy HouseTunes -
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O94ljRAqNJ0&pp=ygUeZGlzY2xvc3VyZSBzaGUncyBnb25lIGRhbmNlIG9u (guarantet on of the summer breaker 2024 from Ibiza over TelaViv up to NYC / Vid with cool dronflys locationshots and nicy peaple for a chap money)

Go home with EMiNEM (it's coms lik that "i" sh... of Apple - overaget & overboardet, easy out of time), dear are more out here in ouer world, mutch more freshy and impressiver stuff!!!!