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REAPER to (some sort of..) MAPPER

OK folks its a bit like this....
A friend has a video playing out in REAPER (DAW prog.) and the projection picture is skewiff because of the projector position (which can't be changed)...keystoning wont help...
he needs a (simple) mapper to fix this.
i've tried MAPMAP but I can't seem to get the REAPER output into MAPMAP..i've tried OBS but no go...can anyone help/steer me in the right direction...
CHEERS (in advance)...

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bennoH. • Edited on

🙋In itself, OBS should also be accessible from Reaper without Spout or NDI. Pay attention to this in the Reaper Prefs./Setings: "Check in Video Preferences to change the ouput to RGB. Not OpenGL"!
I found this in the Reaper forum ( https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=247191&highlight=spout )

If you still have to use Spout (local) or NDI (external & local) and it still doesn't work with OBS, VLC would be another option, NDI is now also very well supported there. I hope that helps with greetings from Switzerland by bennoH. 🐼

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NDI would be cool... but.. I don't have any problems to capture the REAPER Video window with OBS. I'm using Linux. But I think it also has to work on Windows, just check in Video Preferences to change the ouput to RGB. Not OpenGL. And it should work.

HeDaScripts for REAPER - HeDaScripts discord chat support
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NDI is a video/audio protocol that allows applications to send/receive video/audio over IP (a network).

This would be useful if you were working with client via Zoom or Skype and wanted to show them the video/audio in Reaper.

Another use would be for streaming a performance or work on a streaming service like Twitch. NDI output from Reaper would allow this.

Today, VLC actually already supports NDI, its a simple switch in the preferences. However, these settings are ignored by Reaper.

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@bulbxon try combo of gethapmap.com/en/
Obs with spout plugin or spout capture tool