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Basshead Speaker Robot Loop Pack

A VJ loop pack featuring Funky looping animations of Basshead, the speaker headed robot, bopping along to tunes!

Basshead Speaker Robot Loop Pack

4 scenes with multiple looping versions, totaling 15 variations to mix up with your visuals.

9 longer looping scenes of Basshead walking around tiny planets (Forest, Flower, and Mushroom Planets), 6 short loops with colourful sound waves lighting up the scene behind them.

File Formats:
H.264 in 4k resolution
DXV3 in 4k resolution

You can also check out my work on instagram, or feel free to send a message if you have any thoughts or want to comission something custom: https://www.instagram.com/corteks3d/

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bennoh profile image

Videoloops are out of date!πŸ‘Ž
Your are oldscool!! πŸ§πŸ§™

Come back if you supris us real by SPIR-V Shader based plugins or codes.
You speak about DXV3 so you speak about Resolum Arena/Avenue.
Comon my dear Guy creat some cool shaderbased plugins for it at Wire, perhaps as fragmentshaders (.fs) and com back thats the minimal for this time.πŸ’₯

THX and have a grater future😜