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#43 - Grigori Korotktkh (VDMO - Visual Jedi)

Grigori aka VDMO is an International VJ (Visual Jedi) based in Australia who creates live visuals across events and festivals. In this Creative Connectors podcast episode Grig talks us through his journey from event producer to artist, what it means to be a Visual Jedi and everything that goes into creating digital work that's live and represents the moment you are experiencing. We explore trends in technological shifts and how these have dramatically changed the world of VJ'ing, why people need to not fear technology and his preparation for Web 3.0 and decentralised technologies. Grig provides insights into his daily creative practice and training, how the international community of VJ Union was formulated and plenty of intel on the tools that bring his creativity to the masses.

If you're into visuals, creativity and tech, this is an episode for you. Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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