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#44 Marc Pascal (Light Artist)

Marc Pascal is an Australian Light Artist who works across many festivals through ambient lighting, lasers and installations. In this Creative Connectors podcast episode Marc shares his path from being a creative child to now helping to create the adult playgrounds we know and love. We explore his early encounters with Rainbow Serpent, how Burning Man was his catalyst to create whatever he could conceive and the simplistic nature of the older doof scene.

We delve into his intuitive approach to design, what he's recently discovered via YouTube, the music he loves, the AI art he dislikes and his dreams of classical collaborations. We discuss how nangs need to be banished from the scene and consumption needs to become more ritualistic and respected so that the positive vibes can continue.

Marc gives us a sneak peek into his up-and-coming public art piece - Laser Loomier, the Importance of a comfy camp and how crystals can take your lasers to new levels. 

If you like fun stories, giggles, creative perspectives and want to understand the inner workings of a light artists mind this is the episode for you.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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