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#45 Boaz (Photographer)

Boaz is a Photographer whose work takes has taken him to many festivals in Australia and internationally. In this Creative Connectors podcast episode Boaz shares his journey in discovering photography as a creative form of expression that changed his life from his mid-teens. He shares how he formulated a career around festival photography after studying anthropology, the importance of being able to step away and simply enjoy festivals not looking through a lens and some of the epic and emotional moments he gets to capture and share with the world. 

We talk about trends that Boaz has noticed in his time as a photographer, how his view of doofs and festivals transformed and the exploration of other forms of creativity which is providing a greater focus and connection to mental health. 

If you're into photography, creative outlet exploration and its link to mental health and emotions this is the episode for you.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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