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#46 Donna Spark (Hoop Sparx Founder)

Donna Sparx is Head Hoop Honcho at Hoop Sparx, which offer hula hoop classes, community, courses and beyond both in and outside of festivals. In this Creative Connectors podcast episode Donna takes us through the unusual path she took to running a successful hooping business, the role festivals played in this journey and how she had dreams of a different circus-related journey.  Discover a new perspective and the power of the hoop as Donna delves into the benefits of moving your body in new and unfamiliar ways, along with the mirror moments and self-reflection this practice can offer.

We explore the meaning and the ways in which we can foster a sense of community in the day-to-day. The impact of small actions, the power of "I can't yet" and how Hoop Sparx and it's offering is evolving and expanding for the future.

If you're into hooping, understanding and experiencing community and enjoy fantastic tangents and meandering conversations this is an episode for you!

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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