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#47 Ryan Wilmot (GMC Events Director)

Ryan Wilmot is the Director of GMC Events a UK live event production agency, specialising in festivals, music and extreme sporting events around the world. Some of the projects Ryan's involved in include Shindig Festival, The Commons at Glastonbury, Circocolumbia, Shambala Festival and Arcadia to name a few.

In this Creative Connectors podcast episode Ryan discusses the impact the acid house rave scene and free party movement had in him finding a creative career. How open-mindedness and integrity are the fundamentals to everything he invests time in and the importance of a solid business plan for festivals to thrive. Gain insight into Ryan's perspectives on never believing the hype and following the signs of the universe, whilst also learning about social media and its deconstruction of community and impact on festivals.

If you're into community, music, creativity and want to hear from someone who has a wealth of experience in successful events and festivals this is the episode for you.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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