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#51 - Jared Bergsma - Skydance Festival Creative Director

Jared is the Creative Director for Skydance Festival which is held in NSW, Australia. In this Creative Connectors episode, Jared talks us through what brought him and the founders to create a festival on top of a mountain post covid. We delve into the impact that other events like Burning Man and Subsonic had on his perceptions of challenging societal norms and breaking the mold through collective spaces of culture, community and conscious actions.  We chat about the challenges of hosting an event in such a unique location, tales of 140km winds and the personal challenge of having too many ideas to share with the world. Jared opens up about his long-term relationship with music and creativity, what you can expect at Skydance and their intention to surprise patrons and provide opportunities for personal growth and igniting the inner child.

Sit back and enjoy the chat and let’s think of festivals a celebratory weekends.

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