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Ep 10, S2 - Asher Gunzburg (Alchemy Decor)

Asher Gunzburg is the Director and owner of Alchemy Decor which creates shade sale structures at music events both large and intimate across Australia. In this Creative Connectors episode, Asher provides true insight into the hard graft it takes to make the beautiful sails that protect patrons from the harsh elements. He offers advice for those looking to navigate both creative and festival industries whilst expanding on his personal journey of going all in on festival decor and something he felt passionate about.  We discuss the importance of networking, volunteering, and planning for the future, plus get to hear about some of the projects Asher has been fostering around his main festival gigs. 

If you're interested in sacred geometry, grafting, sewing, design and hearing about what it takes to go after a dream with no previous experience, this is an episode for you! Sit back and enjoy the chat.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

Connect with Asher:

Website: https://www.alchemydecor.com.au/about

Instagram: @alchemy_decor

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